Your companies logo is the head of your visual branding. It should be one of a kind, fresh and say something unique about your company. It needs to be easily recognizable and stand out from the crowd. Design trends change constantly and with that comes the need to let certain design elements go. These design trends are either outdated, over saturated or simply do not work well with today’s marketing behavior.

Pixellated Designs

Pixellated images can give us a sense of technology nostalgia. This is because they are dated, as in…”out-of-date”. Think 8-bit graphics and floppy discs. These are great for taking a quick walk down memory lane. Not s much for relaying a sense of today’s relevancy for your business. You don’t want people looking at your brand image and thinking, “Remember when we thought that looked cool?”.

Swooshy People Logo Elements

This is a big one and it needs to go. These guys are everywhere! This design element has been so overused that it’s nearly impossible to use it in a unique and original way anymore. Most of the DIY logo design programs are filled with these swooshy people and you should absolutely never use a DIY logo creator program for your logo design. Your logo has t be unique, one of a kind and stand out from the crowd. Using this design element will surely get you lost in the crowd of swooshy people.

swooshy people logo

Image courtesy of RocketArt/Creative Market

Ultra Detailed and Complex Designs

While a “vintage” look and feel for a brand can still be an awesome image if done properly, the super high complexity of old style design elements has eased up. Current trends tend to favor minimalism over complexity. Today’s logos need to be very versatile. The more complex a design is, the harder it is to apply it to a multitude of environments.

apple original logo

Apples original logo. Looks cool but the complexity just doesn’t work in today’s marketing

Random Colored Dots

This is a strangely overused design cliche. This trend typically brings no discerning meaning to the logo design and there is no way to use this without being completely vague. It’s a lazy way to throw a “splash” of color in a design and that’s just not the best way to represent a companies vision. Unless, of course, you happen to be selling random colored dots… And you most likely aren’t.

Box Letter Logos

This is where the company initials are placed individually inside of separate boxes, sometimes accompanied by the company name typed out underneath or above. Again here, there is no way to give this type of design any specific meaning for a company. Logos are a representation of a companies mission and vision. This element is just another lazy throw together that doesn’t speak uniquely about the company at all and it needs to go.

box logos

Cliche elements all look the same and don’t say anything special about the company


With all of this being said… I would like to say in closing that although these logo design elements should be generally avoided, that does not mean that they cannot be successfully used in creative ways. One of the most important factors in logo design is context. Where and how will a logo be used? Above all else if the context somehow calls for one or more of these design elements, then by all means they should be used. There are instances where these design trends, contextually speaking, can and do make sense.

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