Ideally your business should be a growing and ever evolving entity. After all, you want to be changing with the times and keeping up with current consumer demand, right? Business growth and restructure are definitely a sign of a healthy business but as with everything else that grows and evolves, this sometimes comes with the need for a new identity (Think of the butterfly).



So how do you know when your business has evolved enough for the need to shed that old skin and reveal a brand new image?

1. You Need To Target A New Audience

Consumer demand is ever changing. Today X product is hot with Y demographic. Tomorrow Y product is hot with Z demographic. You get the idea. At times, depending on your market, you may need to shift gears to keep up with consumers. A rebrand can allow you to redefine your image with a goal of targeting a new audience. Consumers will notice a stale image and disassociate themselves.

2. Your Image No Longer Reflects Your Vision

As your business grows in various ways so can your overall vision and statement. What was the prime focus of your company a few years ago may not be your focus today. As your mission focus changes your brand must change to reflect this.

3. Your Old Logo And Website Aren’t Cutting It Anymore

It’s inevitable that at some point in time, the logo you once thought was perfect for your image will become old, stale, boring and outdated. Chances are your website reflects this very same outdated image. In today’s digital age where everybody is plugged in, websites need to be responsive and engaging for your audience. If you’re still using that static HTML page for your website that looks like it came from the early nineties and your logo hasn’t even has so much as a new paint job since then… It’s time for a rebrand.

4. You’re Getting Lost In The Competition

One of the most important things that will make you “click” with consumers over everyone else is your image. The psychology behind this is so strong that consumers will gravitate toward a brand image without even considering that another brand has a better product. Of course this isn’t always the case but it does nevertheless happen. In a sea of competitors doing the same thing that you are, you must stand out to the consumer above everyone else. Outdated and boring brands will get covered in the dust that is kicked up while consumers are rushing toward their favorite brands.

5. You Have Outgrown Your Brand

As your business grows and scales sometimes it needs to shed skin and become something new. Remember the butterfly. When your business moves to another level your brand may need to move to another level to compete with a new crowd of competitors. Time to reveal those fresh new wings and fly.

Sometimes the need for a rebrand will be forced upon you due to ever changing consumer practices. Other times the need may be a bit more subtle. Usually a good place to start is if you are even wondering if your brand needs an overhaul. Reevaluate your current image and ask yourself a few questions.

  • Does my brand still speak my business vision?
  • Is my image still interesting and engaging to today’s consumer?
  • Am I standing out above my competitors?
  • Am I still speaking to the right audience with my image?
  • Does my image reflect modern culture that consumers gravitate toward?

If your answer to any of these questions is “no”… It might be time for a rebrand.

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