We have all heard and seen the advertisements..”Create your own amazing website with…” They make all manner of claims from “anyone can do it”,  “stunning design”, “create your website in minutes”!

The problem is that it takes more than just throwing something together in “minutes” to create a good website. A good website needs to be a good experience for the user. The “do-it-yourself” website builders fall short in many ways that one might not even be aware of on the surface.

6 reasons to never use a website builder

They Devalue the importance of your brand

Most of your popular do it yourself web builders have a few hundred templates for you to choose from for the look and feel of your website. With sometimes up to several million users, this means that you are likely using the very same template as hundreds of thousands of other websites.

This really devalues the uniqueness of your brand and statement on the web. Not only is your website a direct copy paste of hundreds of thousands of others but now everybody knows you have used a cheap generic template for your website. Customers want to know that you are a legit business and that you care about your brand and statement. After all this is how you are presented to the world. No way to diversify yourself from your competition.

They advertise on your site

Speaking of devaluing your statement and killing your brand..how about a giant banner in the header and footer of your website advertising the “do-it-yourself” web builder.


This is absolutely not something that you want to display on your website. It takes away from the user experience of your brand and instantly says to your visitor “I do not care enough about my online presence to invest in a real website” Don’t do it!

They are not mobile friendly

This is one of the most important reasons for never using a do-it-yourself template. In today’s digital world, mobile use has surpassed desktop. This means that web applications have to be built with a mobile-first approach.

Some of these web builders may look decent on a desktop but have you ever looked at one on a mobile device? When you use a website builder you are not going to get a responsive website that looks good across multiple devices and this is a killer for user experience and search engine optimization as well.

Not SEO friendly

Speaking of search engine optimization..Another pitfall about these website builders is that they are fundamentally broken behind the scenes from the ground up. When you build on one of these website builders it spits out a jumbled mess of unstructured code that does not follow SEO best practices.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s just what it sound like. The optimization of your website for search engines like Google. Without proper optimization your website does not show up in search engines and it all starts with the structure of your website code. You’re not in control of and do not have access to your code with a website builder and they do not use SEO friendly structured data.

You do not own your website

You run your business well. You own your brand and your statement. You own your services and you take pride in what you do. Why would you not want to own your web presence? With a website builder you do not even own your website. This means that the do it yourself platform that you built it on owns it. This is simply not acceptable. Your website should be your property and you should own it just as you own the rest of your business.

You do not own your domain name

Again destroying your branding and ownership… Most of the web builders don’t even give you your own domain name. You will get a URL that looks like www.yourcompany.wix.com or yourcompany.weebly.com. This is useless to your brand and actually advertises the website builder before a user even comes to your website.

Your domain name is a staple of your entire brand online and website builders hijack this very important aspect of your business to do their own branding.


Your website is essentially your business voice to the world. It’s how you want to be seen and what you want to say. It’s how you want to look and the experience that you want to give to your customers. It’s a very bad idea to use a do it yourself website builder to attempt to fill the role of getting your business statement to the world.

Do your business a favor and hire a professional web designer to create a beautiful, mobile responsive, SEO friendly website that will allow you to grow your online presence for years to come.


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